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Portable vehicle covers often grow to be an crucial accent for those who do not need their cars to be tormented by the factors when they’re out and far from their garage’s protection. The automobile, which has to go through loads of difficult terrains and weather conditions like rain, snow, wind and sleet, desires safety from the environment. Or it can be that one’s car is high-priced, or that it is a antique vehicle that wishes a whole lot of safety. When at domestic, you can still deal with the car, however when far from domestic, this isn’t always viable, except, of course, one takes a portable car cowl.

The simplest analogy for a portable automobile cowl is to think of it as a snoozing bag for vehicles. There are  types of portable automobile covers which can be to be had available on the market. One acts exactly just like the slumbering bag, protecting the automobile like a layer of skin. While this is a good vehicle cowl, it may no longer be enough for all purposes. For example, in conditions of hail or hurricane with excessive winds that fire up branches and pebbles, one may additionally see the want for the alternative sort of transportable automobile cover, which makes a small safe haven below which the automobile will live.

These are numerous varieties of these transportable automobile covers to be had within the marketplace. However the fine ones are clean to construct and they provide super dry storage for the car in all varieties of out of doors situations. The fabric of the cover is powerful and durable and it can resist regular put on and tear of bad weather conditions.

Such covers come with their very own steel frames. One unmistakable quality is that these covers are clean to build and transportable in spite of their seeming complexity. Often the durable steel body is a sort of pre-drilled body assembly and which can be easily assembled with minimum hand gear. Also the layout needs to be such that water or snow runs off from the roof, preventing any water from getting near the auto.

To sum up, the features that one needs to search for whilst moving into for a transportable automobile cover is portability and ease in putting in and dismantling, without a drilling or reducing required.


Rolls-Royce has just introduced the new special series of its iconic convertible: the Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion. Giles Taylor, Rolls-Royce Design Director, has brought together a number of fashion designers, accessories and accessories to create what we see in the pictures. The result draws attention. A model that conveys a great contrast between the sobriety and elegance of its British design with a more cheerful and jovial side, thanks to different details and finishes painted in very vivid colors. The designers who collaborated with Taylor to create the new Rolls-Royce Dawn special series started from the ‘Andalucian White’ color for the bodywork. It is the perfect color to create great contrasts. In fact, Rolls-Royce allows you to choose three colors for the canvas roof as well as for different trim and interior details. The colors that can be chosen are the following: Mugello Red, Cobalt Blue and Mandarin. The rest of the carrier is dressed in Arctic White and black leather. A leather lining is present in elements like the steering wheel, which comes up with contrasting stitching depending on the choice of color. The color chosen to match the white tone of the exterior and interior will also be present in elements such as door panels, benches and rugs. On the other hand, the instrument panel has a finish in Piano Black, to which are added various details in aluminum. The British brand will open the booking deadline for those interested in having a Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion unit from next November. The first deliveries will be made early next year. As is usual in such cases, the price has not been disclosed, since each unit produced is unique.


Spofec, the German division of Novitec, specializing in modifying and preparing the Rolls-Royce models, presented its new adjustment program for Rolls-Royce Dawn. A complete package of improvements designed with a single goal: to obtain an even more refined and sporty model thanks to a significant increase in performance. First and taking a look at the exterior of Rolls-Royce Dawn prepared by Spofec, we realize that the sober British convertible now conveys new sensations. It presents a more refined image although tempered with different details specific to a sporting vehicle on ford f-350 car covers.

The exterior now has a carbon fiber body kit consisting of new bumpers, side skirts and a discreet lip spoiler. It also features new 22-inch alloy wheels available in various colors, sidewalks with high-performance tires measuring 265/35 ZR22 and 295/30 ZR22 – front and rear axle, respectively. It is also worth noting that it was equipped with a new pneumatic suspension that reduces the height of the body in relation to the ground by up to 40 mm when driving at speeds above 140 km / h. Below that number, the suspension returns to its conventional height. Another of the characteristics that denotes high performance are the carboceramic brakes with ventilated discs of sizes 405×30 and 395×38 mm. The mechanical part is the main improvement offered by Spofec. The company’s specialists were able to extract from the V12 Twin-Turbo 6.6 liter engine an extra power of 115 hp and 160 Nm of torque. This is thanks to the installation of an N-TRONIC plug-and-play module, a complete remapping of the engine-ECU and an optimization of the injection system. With these improvements, the Rolls-Royce Dawn now has a total power of 686 hp and 980 Nm of maximum torque. A power with which the convertible can be catapulted from 0 to 100 km / h in only 4.6 seconds. The maximum speed remains at 250 km / h, as it is limited electronically. Remembering that this engine is coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Optionally it is possible to complete the mechanical changes with the installation of a stainless steel exhaust system.


Rolls-Royce is a brand with a certain type of customer, but at the Geneva Motor Show they presented the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Wraith Black Badge, with the intention of attracting a younger clientele. It is a new special edition in which the Wraith and Ghost adopt a black costume that only radiates some light in some silver details. Bespoke, a division of special projects of the British brand, worked to make black as pure and intense as possible. The customer can order any other color for the body if desired. The black takes over the whole body, but also extends to the front grille, to the figure of the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ and even makes visually disappear some chromed elements in the lower part of the car. Chromed windows and door knobs, as well as the grid stripes, lose their brightness to a darker and satin tone, according to the other parts of the special edition Black Badge. The 22-inch wheels are unique to the edition and are made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.

For the interior of Rolls-Royce Ghost and Wraith Black Badge the brand used materials such as carbon fiber for all frames and inserts, replacing the classic and elegant wood, seeking a more sporty and youthful look. Aerospace grade aluminum is another present material that combines very well with carbon fiber, melting both materials. The ventilation outlets were also darkened. For that occasion was incorporated a specific Black Badge watch with pointers of orange tip and ball adorned by the logo of the mark. This same logo is embroidered on the seats, which combine the black leather with the ‘Tailored Purple’ in the Ghost and with the ‘Cobalto Blue’ in the Wraith, giving a different and light touch. The interior ceiling finishes with an ambient lighting that simulates a starry black sky. Something interesting about the two Rolls-Royces Black Badge is that their mechanics were boosted. Both share the same 6.6 liter V12 engine, but the Ghost develops 603 hp and 840 Nm of torque, a gain of 40 hp and 80 Nm compared to the other versions known to date. The 8-speed automatic transmission has also been recalibrated to contribute to a better response and more dynamic behavior based on the throttle positions and the use of the brake. On the other hand, the Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge raises its horsepower to 623 hp and becomes the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever, and also receives optimized transmission. Definitely, the British sought the sporting side of these stylish models. Increases in power come with larger brakes.


For many years the prestigious British brand and the Chinese market have started their relationship. Since then, Rolls-Royce has shown his affection on numerous occasions, but few as romantic as this. The Rolls-Royce Ghost Eternal Love, as its name implies, is a statement of love for the Chinese market. Therefore, the 16 units scheduled for production will be sold exclusively in China. Eternal Love is a version of Ghost with a lot of details that we could describe as ‘romantic’. The model is painted in white and silver colors, with two silver swans that join their heads forming a heart, in addition to a black line that runs all over their side. Other details that reveal that we are in front of a special edition of Rolls-Royce, are the embroideries of silver color in the head rests, the red finish of the ceiling, the wheels of 20 inches and the elegant watch of ball that, with a pointer of silver, peels over the wooden panel. All this without forgetting the inscriptions on the doorstep where the image of the two loving swans that unite their heads and the inscription ‘Eternal Love’ in Chinese letters is repeated. Underneath the hood is the now-known 6.6-liter V3 engine with 563 hp, coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission. With Rolls-Royce Ghost Eternal Love, the British brand goes to ‘Valentine’s Day’. It has not yet been reported to the 16 lovers, how much it will cost to give this gift to their loved ones, but it certainly will not be cheap.


The Rolls-Royce Ghost prepared by DMC for the ‘Prince of Asia’ is another limited and exclusive edition of a model of the British brand. In this case, the German preparer developed this unique creation for Jang Keun Suk, Korean actor and singer, who is not really a prince, naming the model SaRangHae. It seems that the ‘Prince of Asia’ has an exquisite taste for the exclusive cars, so he instructed the DMC to leave the car to its measure. The name ‘SaRangHae’ means ‘love’ in Korean, so being subtle was the key to the success of the project. The DMC understood that installing a massive body kit with aftermarket components would be a big mistake, so decided to apply a kit as it goes almost unnoticed. Touch up on the front, straight side skirts, a new spoiler over the trunk lid, frames and a diffuser. The entire set is accommodated on forged 24-inch wheels. Rolls-Royce Ghost ‘SaRangHae’ also experienced a slight increase in yield. The V12 biturbo engine now produces 70 hp of power and 80 Nm of additional torque, leaving the numbers at more than 640 hp and 860 Nm of torque. With this, the Ghost of the Prince of Asia can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 295 km / h. Not bad considering that Ghost weighs 2.5 tons.


Its name, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Beverly Hills Edition, is as long and imposing as this super luxury convertible. As we all know, this version of Rolls-Royce Phantom will no longer be manufactured very soon, but before leaving the market, the British brand is creating a series of limited editions such as this to bid farewell in high style. This special Rolls-Royce was commissioned by Rolls-Royce dealer Beverly Hills, one of the agents of the British brand that sells the most cars in the world. Its color combination is peculiar, carried by the orange color, the same one that can be seen in a dusk in California. It is flashy, but it can not be denied that it was very interesting. The orange color is the protagonist both in the exterior and in the sumptuous interior, where it is found in small details to give a point of color in both classicism. The seats and the rest of the interior are upholstered in black leather of excellent quality, while the inserts are in ‘piano black’. The polished wheels with the center in the orange color conclude a set more than appetizing. It’s a pity that the Phantom leaves the way free to Rolls-Royce Dawn as the brand’s only convertible. It loses a little of its representativeness, but luxury is guaranteed. Its price has not been revealed, but it will surely be around half a million dollars.

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